SenseMax is about user driven interactivity. What you see doesn’t affect the toy, how you use the toy affects what you see. Sense Ecosystem is the name of the compatible tech, which is open to a variety of third parties for content creation. If you’re using your phone, both Apple and Android have compatible apps. To keep the process simple, all accessories in the lineup link via bluetooth, with no cords to catch and tangle.

SenseTube if your all-in-one masturbator. It’s a solidly made toy, by most any standard, but it comes wired to detect motion and link to Sense Ecosystem content. Putting VR aside, you have a vibrating sleeve with multiple patterns and 18 speeds to choose from. The battery holds a charge for up to 100 days when not in use rechargeable, though I can’t imagine it would be left alone so long. The base of the case as an “air lock” to control suction and hooks onto a suction cup attachment with locking hinges to adjust angle. If you want to toss in a quick turn, or are winding up for a finish, the MAX button fires immediately to full power for several seconds. When the good times are done, the sleeve slides out of the outer casing for easy cleaning. The whole package is also protected by a one year warranty.

SenseBand is my personal favorite of the SenseMax attachments.  This simple band tracks the movement of your arm, so you can indulge in a virtual experience with a sleeve of your choice or nothing at all. As long as your arm is moving, the VR will follow your lead.  The best thing about it, aside from the masturbate however you like part, is that it hides in plain sight.  Senseband looks like any other fitness wristband that you’ll see on anyone’s bedside table.

SenseMore VR goggles are designed, from the ground up, with SenseMax in mind. Yes, you can use your phone, but think about what the headset has to offer.  The rig is carefully designed to be light weight, has padded everything, and offers a hands free first person option your phone cannot.