Candy Rimmers are anal play made easy. To date, the Rimmers stand as one of our best selling plugs. This fact is for some very good reasons. You all know me well enough to guess that we are about to put “why” under a microscope.

The design is cleverly simple. From the smallest to the largest, each is simple solid silicone. Blush silicone, being what it is, they are firm, flexible, and finished with a subtle velvety texture that holds lubricant as well as it is a pleasure to touch. Regardless of size, they offer an easy taper and end with a ring handle for extraction. The one possible weakness, in the shape of the Candy Rimmers, is the relatively small size of that retrieval ring. They are fine for active play, but less secure for passive wear. That is a crying shame for the small waisted silhouette that begs to be worn during active play or out and about. Luckily, there is a very easy solution that offers a benefit on the side. Inserting most any bullet or micro vibe through the retrieval ring will provide a secure stop while adding the option of vibration.  The greatest advanatge of the line, in my opinion, is the ease of access for beginners. The “small” actually is small, giving beginners to anal play an easy and rewarding place to start their adventures. Playing upon that strength, they are offered individually, in varied sizes, or as a graduated kit. Even the largest has the same gentle taper, as noted earlier, so working your way up is that much easier.