This week I have a simple and light-hearted review. You don’t always need the strongest motor or the sharpest cutting of edge tech to get the job done. Sometimes all you need are easy controls and a friendly shape. Maybe you find yourself shopping for someone else and you aren’t quite certain where their preference lay or what might be beyond their comfort zone? Bonus points if it is also cute and affordable.  Lollies, from NS Novelties, were made to answer this type of need.

The base stats are clean and simple. While the line offers a variety of colors and shapes, they all share the same basic principals. The outer shell is molded in a flexible and odorless TPE.  The whole family ranks in at five inches or less in length and operate of off a single AA battery. Speed is controlled with a cleverly accented analog dial at the base. Classic in concept; the “fins” on the dial allow for a secure grip, even with lubricated fingers or other physical difficulty. As for power, while the Lollies don’t have much in terms of speed, they offer a hearty thump. More than I would expect from a single battery, certainly. Wrap all that up with an impulse-worthy price tag and you have a very solid option for a variety of situations.

With spring in the air, I want to point out one more important aspect of this line.  Lollies are great for gift baskets! They fit easily within any budget, will intimidate no one, and have a generally universal appeal in both form and function. The entire line come in friendly pastel colors, in both representational and abstract shapes, to suit most any preference. The classic analog dial and thudding motor might also give a shot of pleasant nostalgia for someone that never got over that One Toy they had in years past. With Easter bunnies and Bridal showers around the corner, keep Lollies in mind.