Jessi, from Maia Toys, falls neatly into the swiftly expanding family of rechargeable micro vibes. It is petite, high powered, and low noise.  While Jessi is priced as an into to the that genre, it has power out of proportion to the cost. It’s a bit louder than some, but nothing that would be heard through a wall, maybe not through a blanket. It is fully submersible as well, so you can just bring it to the shower if you are concerned about sound. When you do turn in on, Jessi starts at highest solid vibe. If that isn’t your thing, just keep pressing the button to scroll through two more decreasing speeds and seven patterns. Also worth note; the patterns are viable, with almost none of the weird dead spots and lulls that ruin patterns (for me, anyway).

The power to price ratio is not, however,  what makes Jessi shine. The real star of Jessi’s composition is the power button. That may sound strange, but hear me out. The control is placed on the side of the bullet, not balanced on the flat of the end.  This configuration makes a huge difference in how easy it is to gasp and compress.  When my wrist injury acts up, I can still press the side. The body of the bullet rests fully in my hand, and the curl of my fingers serve as a brace.  It even has a small lip sculpted into the silicone of the button cover. While all Jessi are the same shape, they do come in a variety of colors and two different textures, so most anyone would be able to find one to taste. To wrap that all up, you also get a one year warranty direct from Maia.