Bit of back story before we dive in. You hear about Kegel (pelvic floor) muscles a lot. This name is shorthand for the muscular complex that supports the organs housed in the pelvic region, most especially the figure-8 from bladder to rectum. Strong Kegel muscles can improve continence and, ideally, increase the intensity of orgasm. You will also find pelvic fitness strongly recommended for variety medical concerns such as childbirth and prostate cancer recovery. Though the tools available will vary, everyone has PC muscles, and benefit from specialized fitness, regardless of gender.  Today we are going vaginicentric and looking to the infinitely variable Kegel ball.  More specifically, a new array of fun fruit-themed Kegel weights from Cal Exotic.

The premise of Kegel balls is simple. A weight, once inserted into the vaginal canal, will provoke a response to clamp and hold. This instinctive clench isolates the right muscles and required little conscious effort. A full routine will involve a combination of hold and release, using the sensation of weight as a focus. It was with this in mind, that Cal created their three new Kegel kits. All three of these sets are bright and cheerful, while remaining simple and functional. Even the boxes useful, each one clearly marked with weights and stats so that anyone can easily choose the set that will suit individual need. They even come with a basic routine to follow. Lemon is the starter set, with two double weighted pieces of 60 and 100 grams. Mango is an alternate start, offering three single weights ranged from 45-75 grams. Last is Strawberry, the advanced set. Strawberry offers six weights starting at 45 grams and reaching all the way up to 115.  All three sets are color coded, so you know at a glance which item is what weight.

What are the benefits to a double weight? This is the classic “starter” shape. It’s easier to hold two smaller things, with the weight spread out, than one heavy thing. Dual weights use the same principal. With space between the weights, the load is spread and the bat-bell shape is easier to grip. Note: double styles are not effective for all body types. This is primarily true for individuals with a tilted uterus (either anteverted or retroverted). I can tell you, there is no resistance holding up a ball that’s already resting on a shelf, no matter how heavy it is.

What are the benefits to a single weight? Aside from being useful to any body type, single weights act as an “advanced” training model. A single heavy object requires more care and deliberate maintenance. This effect is magnified the smaller that object is compared to the weight.  This is evident in the Strawberry set, as the berries remain the same size, from lightest to heaviest (and yes, they are sculpted to resemble strawberries).   Alternately, Mango’s wedge shapes are larger and and easier to hold, to give a little more ease to those new to Kegel tools.