Summer is around the corner. Once upon a time, there were very few toys that were truly submersible. Splash-proof, sure, but not really waterproof. There was one company, no longer in business, that made a brilliant submersible bullet. We used to display one in a filled fishbowl on the counter all summer, just to show off that it really was safe for the pool. This regret has passed, because that summer staple has been reborn.

The Waterproof Gyrating Bullet from Cal Exotic has everything you need for an easy summer got-to. Functionally, it is a super standard corded bullet. It runs on a pair of AA batteries and has a single button to cycle on and off and through two speeds. So, what is it about this unassuming bullet that garnered my instant attention?  First off, while it only has two speeds, they are both pure bass.  Not a lot of speed, but you will feel it all the way down to the muscle. Then there is the connecting cord, fully reinforced in plastic, where the cord meets bullet and battery pack are bolstered a second time with a thick rubber collar. Though the design is intended to keep this bullet waterproof, those collars also add extra strength at the weakest two points of the cord. Those joins get work fatigue fast and the collars reduce that effect by a wide margin. The actual bullet is large, more than enough to get a good firm hold and it is textured with a simple wave pattern to act as a grip. The size gives the added benefit of allowing for wither wide or pin-point stimulation, depending on what you’re looking for and how you hold it. The battery compartment, though water tight, remains easy to open and close. This Gyrating Bullet won’t do your laundry or connect to your phone, but it’s a solidly built and economical bullet that is perfect for summer.