Give me an opportunity to talk about glass and I will take it! Glass is completely hypoallergenic and nonporous. It is slick, smooth, and offers up no flex. Any pressure exerted with a glass tool translates 100% with no lost angle or effort. It warms to body temperature in a snap. When the show is over, glass cleans up with minimal effort. Now, NS Novelties glass is its own special something. Most notably, it is twice annealed. This ensures no flaws or fissures will be seen in a final product. The end result is a piece that is optically clear and as resilient as possible. This much is true about anything in NS Novelties’ Crystal line. Today, however, is specifically about the Crystal G and Crystal Wand. The primary reason I brought this pair to our stores is clean and simple.  They are both ideal introductions to glass.

Some people to have reservations when it comes to glass.  Even after the assurance that there is nothing the the human body can do to break glass when in use, the material still has a learning curve.  The unyielding nature of the material means that size and texture are magnified when in use. Both the G and Pleasure have these aspects covered.  They are not too big, offer two usable ends, and have no texture to overstimulate. Both shapes offer an easy slide with graceful arches and subtle curves. They are on the small side of average, 6.5 overall for Wand and 7.5 for G if you include the curve. Either style offers the choice of small sphere or a larger swell at the opposite side.  Both are easy to hold and offer a distinct sensation from the other. Only the G hints with the name, but both shapes are ideal for Grafenberg hunting. The wider swell makes make for an easier search while the sphere offers more intensity once you know where you are going. Returning to the fact that glass is completely inflexible, a little pressure goes a very long way. There is also the delightful trick of inserting the sphere end then rotating the long end in a mixing motion.  That is an experience with any round-end toy, but it’s something extra when done with glass or steel.

In summary, as someone who has loved glass for decades, if you are looking for a place to start, Crystal G or Crystal Wand come highly recommended. Honestly, they are treasured in my own carefully curated collection.