If you are one of the many people who wishes you could get a “rabbit without the rabbit,” I have very, very good news for you. Specifically, I am about to tell you about the Inya Twister from NS Novelties. To some, that might sound like a step backward, but that would be far from the truth. No matter how well designed, no dual-stimulator is going to fit every body. Twister allows the user to use an external vibe, or not, of their own choosing. This modular approach means that anyone can enjoy Twister.

Twister is comes in a tasteful phallic shape. It is very subtly stylized, though it has all the standard textures. The jewel-tone color also adds a degree of fantasy, in spite of the realistic shape. The silicone skin over the whole is beautifully smooth from the solid head, over the flexible shaft, and encloses the buttons and self-sealing charge port. It only has two buttons, but the controls are a pinnacle of utility. The top button is ON (press and hold) and controls the vibration. The bottom button is OFF (press and hold) and controls the rotation.  While taking up minimal space on the handle, this allows independent control of both motor functions and lets you turn everything off in a snap. There are three speeds of vibe, six patterns, and three speeds of rotation.

Twister’s vibration is rather thin, but that didn’t even enter into my considerations.  Vibration is not what this tool is about. The rotating motor, you see, is a thing of rare beauty. You can, with firm gentle pressure, bend the internal spine to customize your offset, resulting in a larger or smaller swing when in use. It is astonishingly quiet for a rotator as well. There is one thing more that sets Twister apart. Inya Twister passes the fist test. (My “Fist Test” involves clamping a rotating shaft in my hand to see how much pressure it takes to stop the motion.  Passing the test, a rare happening, means that I could not get it to stop.) What is more, it still passed when I used two hands. That has never happened before, not for me anyway. I am filled with awe and wonder.

In Summary, Twister is pretty, versatile, easy to operate, and powerful. In addition to all that function, it is rechargeable, silicone, and operates under a manufacturer warranty.  There are a great many reasons to say yes to Twister.