This week’s overview is on the Gossip Gflex from Curve. The mechanics of Gflex are as basic as can be. Under the silicone skin, you have your most standard of missile vibrators. It runs on traditional batteries (a single AA) and is controlled with an classic analog dial. It’s splash-proof for easy cleaning, or a trip into the shower. It is clean and simple in every detail. The place that Gflex strays from the norm is in its shape. And when I say “strays” I mean to say that it gallops sideways while singing show tunes.

There are two common approaches to designing a toy to be a grafenberg hunter, a curve or a bulb. Gflex has both. It makes for an awkward looking silhouette, but it doubles down hard when it comes to function. The curve allows for easier positioning and the ball-end is ideal for providing a wide search radius and a focused pressure once found. The neck has a bit more flex than I would normally like, but with the angle created by the combined curve and sphere, extra mobility is necessary. There is also a ridge at the base of the rounded end that catches just so, upon a light thrust making rigidity non-essential. To top it off, there is a loose weight in the end, just like one often finds in Kegel balls. The rolling inside the sphere is not as pronounced as I expected, but it does give extra weight and that does come into play. The vibration is quite mild, but it’s the shape that is the show stopper.