The Air Touch III from Cloud 9 is a very specialized device. For those of you that remember the Shibari Beso, Air Touch III is very similar. It is foreplay, not a finisher. Erectile tissue is erectile tissue, no matter the size or shape. As such, if you apply suction to a clitoris it will become hyper-engorged and extra sensitive the same as any other body part put into a vacuum. As everyone knows, well fed nerve endings are happy nerve endings.

So, how does this thing fit together? Most of the device is wrapped in a soft silicone skin that is a delight to touch. That skin, one will find, has been carefully designed to fit securely against the palm of the hand, wings on the sides providing a stable anchor and a secure hold. The opening of the clitoral cup is a little small, in my personal opinion, but it’s soft enough to conform to the body and form a good seal without pinching. In fact, it is soft enough that it seems sure to collapse under the suction it creates, but this does not happen.  When in use, Air Touch III has a special, “is this thing actually on?” kind of quiet that I don’t expect from any sort of electronic pump.  One button is On/Off and the second allows you to cycle through a dozen patterns of suction that can tease and prime to your heart’s content.  (The position of the buttons is a touch awkward, but I am willing to forgive.) Normally, I am not excited about patterns, but Air Touch III is a big exception.  When it comes to suction, especially with the intensity offered by the this device, it’s really nice to have breaks.  Even the seconds of rest provided by these pulses make a difference in the experience.

It is the function that sets this line apart from other air-play devices like Womanizer. It doesn’t have pulses of outgoing pressure, just suction.  With suction, things get interesting after you have used it, much less so during. As I mentioned at the intro, more blood to nerve endings, more blood filling up erectile tissue, allows to a unique and super intense sensation afterward. While it does feel lovely to use, Air Touch III’s primary function is to heighten sensitivity for whatever activities may follow. It is true that there are other devices one can use to get a similar effect. None of them are this compact, however, and none of them give you a variety of suction pulses. This is what Air Touch III is for and why it’s a valuable tool in any bedside table.