To set the tone of this write up, I need to explain why pony play is so very dear to my heart. Everybody knows about Bondage and Discipline. People that would never think of participating still know. B&D is a beautiful and complex dance of balance and contrast. Pony play, however, has something that most scenarios don’t. Sure, you can master a horse, but if you stumble, it can kick you to death. That is a compounded power play that lights my heart On Fire.

Here is the point where this kit comes in.  It is simple, cute, easy, and affordable.  Those are good things at any time, but when the niche is less known, it is golden.  This scene is so small it is nearly impossible to get equipment at a price suitable to experiment.  Certainly, there are amazingly beautiful pieces crafted for pony play, but nearly all of them are custom order only and none are priced for the novice.  Unless you can build it yourself, you are largely out of luck if you want to dip your toes in the pond to see if it might be the twist for you.

This kit is light, but it is well appointed. There are only two items inside, but both are unique to the genre and well crafted. For the niche and the price point, I was hopeful, but ready to settle. When I handled these pieces, I was pleased that settling was not needed. The included plug is dainty and gentle, with a long swishy tail. How soft and glossy the hair fibers are was a lovely surprise. The plug itself may be too small for some users, but tail plugs are also the easiest part of this equation to find elsewhere. The bridle is simple, solid, and will fit any face.  The bit is not too hard, is extra wide, and built right into the piece, as are the reins. The tie-style binding for the bridle isn’t as clean or immersive as a buckle would be, but it does offer the flexibility to fit anyone with no adjustments or DIY.  Best of all, as it has the lovely Scandal brocade detailing, so you can easily add pieces from the line to mix, match, and create exactly the kit you want.  Decide that pony play isn’t for you, but you do like some low-key tie-up and tickle?  Great, you still have a bar gag and warm-up butt plug to work into other play.