Many believe that double dongs are a couple exclusive toy, but there are always uses beyond the obvious. A good double dong is easy enough to find, unless you want silicone.  Now, there here are some amazing silicone doubles of the market, but not many, and there are precious few at an entry level price. In no way do I want to imply that the more expensive tools on the market are not worth their price, most are, but attainability is a big deal to me. Maybe you don’t know if it’s your thing? Maybe you want it as an option, but have other interests that divert your funds? No matter the reason, it is good to have options. It is one of those options that I am going to chat about today.

The Silicone Slim Double from Blush is a special kind of inspiring. I want to start with the basic stats since Blush silicone is a really good place to start anything. It is solid and of uniform in density. It is representational, but in a stylized fashion, with exaggerated veining for texture. The two ends are the same size (rare in a silicone double for reasons I don’t know) and have a fair amount of girth.  The word “slim” might be in the name, but don’t believe it. Last, and of extraordinary value, it comes with a molded curve. It doesn’t have a spine or wire, no parts to break, it was simply molded and cast in a big U so it wants to return to that shape if left alone. It has enough play to move about however you need, even while it’s dense enough for easy penetration.

So, how does that come into play when the bedroom door is shut? Use with a partner, as we touched upon, is pretty obvious. What is less obvious is how the molded U curve assists. When you are trying to move two bodies in concert, while managing a dual ended toy, things can get very awkward.* It wants to straighten and pop out of line. The built in curve follows the angle you are most likely to need, so there isn’t a battle to keep it bent. The uniform size also means there is no fight over who, gets what end. When you are alone, you have a different advantage. The extra length can translate into more depth, more reach, or both. The U shape comes back into play to make the “off” side into an ideal handle, naturally redirecting the angle of a solo thrust. The texture on the shaft gives a sure grip or offers something extra for external stimulation while you work, depending on the angle you choose. All of that is deliberately ignoring the possibility of solo dual penetration that can also be possible, anatomy depending.  All in all, the Silicone Slim Double is a toy that I dearly needed before it even existed.


*You had better believe the full conviction of personal experience stands behind this description of frustration.