Ripple, from NS Novelties is a sinuous line of satiny silicone. [That alteration was accidental, but I am leaving it to knowledge my sin.]  It has a solid base of ABS coated silicone, a slender middle, and ends in the bulbous tip that contains its rechargeable motor.  The controls are a simple two button set up; one for On/Off with the second for your speeds and pulses.  It also has a lovely rumble that doesn’t go buzzy at higher speeds.  The butt of the base also has a cabochon style logo that shines different colors, depending on the setting, for just a bit of flair.  All of that is great, especially as it has an the price is very generous for a silicone rechargeable, but those are just the bones.  The feature that causes Ripple really stands out is, as the name would suggest, the texture.

Ripple is ridged from tip to base.  It is an adventure that offers value for both internal and external use.  Of special note is the fact that they chose ridges, over dots or nubs. A triangular ridge is by far the easiest shape to clean, while maintaining enough variance to be felt. That’s true if you are stroking against one’s insides or running the length of the vibe against external anatomy. The size helps in that role, as it is easily substantial enough for penetration, though it is slender for an insertable.  The slender join in the middle is also hollow, making it effortlessly flexible (but not floppy).  Normally that would negate viability as a Grafenberg hunter, but the size of the tip and tilt of the bulb greatly reduces the need to apply torque.  Were that flexibility really shines, in my opinion, is partnered use.  There will be no pinching or awkward jabs, as Ripple bends like a dancer.

So there it is.  Simple, but effectively designed.  The easy to use NS Novelties Warranty makes Ripple a safe bet for anyone hunting for a rechargeable silicone vibe.