(Friday Focus 05.23.19)

Today we’re not looking at a toy, but something to make toys better.  If you already have a compatible toy at home, or you are buying new right now, this is worth a second look. Today is for the Wristband Remote from Cal Exotic.   Imagine, you just want to pick up a Lock-N-Play Remote Petite Panty Teaser, but you don’t want to be carrying around a remote control at the bar. Perhaps you had a compatible remote toy in the past, but the remote it came with was destroyed?  This wristband answers those questions in a nice and tidy package.  A package, I add, that can pass right under the radar pretending to be a fitness tracker.

So, what is this versatile accessory made of?  The silicone band and body are easy to identify.  The buckle is stainless steel, without a flake of nickle in sight. In fact, every part that touches the skin is hypoallergenic.  This add-on remote is also rechargeable.  This is super valuable, in my estimation, as that means no battery hatch to break off and no obscure batteries to track down in the future. The seamless design also allows for full waterproofing.  Yes, you can wear it to the pool party and leave no one the wiser.  Range will vary with the toy it’s paired to, but the 90 day warranty is solid.

If it comes with this, it works with the band!

It is true that not every remote control toy from Cal Exotic can be paired with the band remote, a great many can. Most new releases coming forward that are remote controllable will be compatible as well. In general, if a toy from Cal Exotic comes default with a 12 function remote, oval in shape, with XO picked out in silver, it will pair with the Remote Wristband.