Friday Motivational: 08.30.19

There is great news for lovers of all things electrical! We have a third item from the Impulse line at Cal Exotic. As has been discussed before, this collection has astounding value, both in function and in price point.  While they lack the versatility of a true TENS, the array of functions they offer, without a cord in sight, makes each piece a fine stand alone. Common threads are five e-stim patterns, seven vibration settings, simple controls, and a 1 year warranty direct from Cal. With those ideas dusted off, lets have a look at the new kid!  I would like to introduce all of you to the Petite G.

The Kegel gave us a brilliant starter e-stim with a side of sexual wellness. Dual Wand has a classic silhouette with an exciting bonus. The Petite G, however, can be aggressive. Even a casual glance registers the just how actue the G curve is.  In fact, the angle is so hard, it might be a challenge to use if it wasn’t so dainty in girth. As it is, the the wide bulb-style head makes it easy to find the Grafenberg and that hard bend directs pressure with little eddort.  When you mix those attributes with the involuntary clench that e-stim evokes, it is not a gentle G toy.  Not gentle, but profoundly effective. The electrical component doesn’t start soft, either.  It opens at a solid medium zap so there are no settings too soft to feel.  On a personal note, I have to say that the pre-set pulse patterns are amazing!  That is subjective, true, but I was impressed enough that I want to make a point of it.  Nothing is too random, the highs and lows don’t contrast so much as to be startling or painful, and the mixes they made are all entertaining.

If that is not enough, Petite G would stand out as a basic G-spotter.  We covered the punchy curve, but the silicone is also beautifully firm.  It takes very little pressure to get a great deal of torque.  The vibration has a lovely bass note while remaining nearly silent. Highlight there, as deep and low translates better for an internal toy than thin and speedy for the vast majority of users. I wouldn’t go so far as to call it powerful, but the quality of the vibration quite nice. Even if you are not in the mood for e-stim, this toy still has a lot to offer.

What about the basic stats?  Petite G’s rechargeable battery gives up to 80 minutes of play for a speedy 60 minute charge time.  The metal contacts are nickle free to minimize allergy issues for any potential owner when taken paired with the body safe silicone of the rest of the toy.  It is also listed as fully waterproof.  While I would not recommend anyone actually use the e-stim functions in a bathtub, being waterproof does make it is easy to clean.