Friday Focus: 09.27.19

Oh hey, it’s time for another update in the wonderful world of Empire Labs and the world renown Clone-a-Willy!  I want to take a little time to highlight the some of the many uses and advantages of the new silicone refill kits that have been added to our walls.  Some bonuses are obvious, some more obscure, but all are worth consideration.

    Why might I need a Clone-a-Willy refill?  Maybe that my penis is just that big and the base kit doesn’t include enough silicone. [Officially, Empire Labs recommends supplementing with a refill kit if you measure in at nine inches or more.]  It is also possible that I don’t want to add the vibrator to my double and I need extra silicone to balance the displacement the vibe would have provided.  Could be that I have a few different people that I would like to provide with a replica of my penis and I need to get more than one double pulled out of my mold. Another possibility is that I can’t decide on a color, so I want a few options.  Similarly I might want to create art with my duplicated phallus and I want to pour two different colors to mix another hue, create layers, or fashion swirls. Or, maybe, I am kind of clumsy and I want extra silicone in reserve in case the first doesn’t turn out as well as could be hoped (or I manage to spill it all over the living room table). As you can see, there are a load of uses refill kits can accommodate.  The few above are just what I came up off the top of my head. 

There is one thing to keep in mind, however. While the mold can make multiple replicas, the alginate the mold is made from dries and warps relatively quickly (quickly for a molding material, anyway).  If you want to make multiples, you’ll need to do them all within a few days of the mold being made. Pour the next as soon as you have the other pulled free, ideally.