Friday Focus: 10.04.19

The Fat Boy has been designed to double as a girth-gainer and masturbation sleeve, a masturbator that you can wear and share.    And if you want to change it up, flip it inside out and swap textures. As if that isn’t enough, they are also reversible. Fat Boy starts with an impossibly soft, completely luxurious, TPR/silicone blend that Perfect fit has dubbed “Silaskin”.  It is this amazingly plush material that prompted me to nickname the Fat Boy line “the cock hug” when it first came to our shelves many years ago.  It’s delightfully soft, utterly flexible, and amazingly resilient.  While I normally avoid closed ended girth-gainers (what is the point if the wearer can’t feel anything?) the Fat Boy addresses this issue with style and elegance; Fat Boy comes equipped with texture.  The Micro Ribbed is, as the name suggests, is a field of tiny tight ribs. Checker is covered with diamonds with one “sharp” edge. Taking texture one more step, Fat Boy is also thickly textured on the inside with large round nubs, allowing each thrust to give back to the partner doing the driving. It is this generous texture that allows it double as a masturbation sleeve. Just lube up the inside and your personal roller-coaster will depart the platform. It even has the courtesy of a strap around the scrotum to hold it in place, no matter how much lube you use or how crazy you get.

So, how else might I apply this clever device?  It can also be paired with most phallic toys, vibrating or no.  For example, it fits beautifully over the Fun Factory Sharevibe (the scrotum strap grabs onto the bullet to hold it secure).  Use over glass or steel to have the thick softness of Siliskin while enjoying the benefits of an unyielding core (picture the Njoy Pure wand with a Silaskin coat).  Anyone could find a use for this thing, regardless of gender, with a partner or solo.

With the advent of the new textures, the packaging was upgraded as well. Fat Boy now comes with a stand that fills the sleeve and holds it upright. This helps the sleeve hold it’s shape and lets it stand upright to dry after cleaning. I love a pretty box as much as the next guy, but packaging that doubles for storage and adds to the care and longevity of a tool always makes me smile.