Friday Focus: 10.25.19

When it come to the Too Sweet from Blush Novelties, the first asset the pops into my mind is the novelty of it’s shape.  Nearly everyone loves a massage wand, after all, and making it small just makes it adorable. From end to end, Too Sweet is only four inches long. It even has a tiny removable silicone sleeve, just like a real wand. (This not only adds to the “realism” of its wand shape, it also adds to easy of cleaning.) It doesn’t have the power of a Vibratex, but that isn’t what it is built for. Portability is the primary function of this little device. Even so, while it doesn’t offer depth of vibe, it absolutely has the capacity for speed. If a light and lightning hum is your go-to, Too Sweet has you covered.  It is also very quiet and that is a bonus no one can argue with.

Moving beyond its miniature appeal and sonic speed, there is one more thing that sets Too Sweet apart.  It is rechargeable!  Not a single button battery is involved. Yes, there are a few bullets on the market now at a similar price that can boast a rechargeable motor, but they are still few and Too Cute (the precursor of Too Sweet) was among the very first (possibly the first).  It comes equipped with 12 settings and runs for up to two and a half hours before it needs to be plugged back in.