Friday Focus: 12.06.19

It’s nothing new for a great toy to spawn mimics, but Zumio resulted in a best case scenario. Most of the similar offerings that have stepped onto the scene are great toys with their own twist, giving greater value to the market instead of just being sad. You have already heard about Blush’s Quiver. Today is about Le Pointe from NS Novelties.

So, what is Le Pointe? It is a handle that tightens down, in a sharp sweep, to the firm ball at the tip. That firm ball on a thin stalk provides absurdly intense vibration focused into an area the size of a pinky tip. It does this with almost no noise at all. The whole show is sheathed in a seamless silicone skin that is only interrupted by the control button at the bottom. That skin means the whole length is play area. It rinses clean in a snap, no undercuts to fuss over, and can lay fully across a vulva without a stretch. Shallow penetration is also on the table, if you want almost no mass with a whole lot of pow (though that is not really what it’s meant for). The controls are intuitive, as well. Press-and-hold enters stand by. When you see the light switch on, a short press starts the show and cycles through all four speeds and six vibration patterns (full disclosure, the patterns didn’t impress me, but the speeds are GREAT and they come first). The motor is rechargeable and it covered by the, rarely needed, NS Novelties direct warranty.

Now, how does Le Pointe rank among its peers?  This one is clearly the entry level variant.  It is intense, like most vibes in this style, but it is the most “gentle” of the bunch. The silicone shell acts as a bit of a buffer, cushioning the hyper focused punch a bit. It also has the lowest price point and the simplest controls. Once more, I will point out that “gentle” is a relative term here.  Le Point is easily enough for my Power King self. When I want quick work done, with no sound and little fuss, Le Pointe has become a go-to.