Friday Focus: 12.13.19

Monroe is the budget answer to a sex machine with a sweet side of portability. If you have had a chance to look over the Monroe from Maia Toys, you know that is not hyperbole.

Let’s start at the brass tacks. Monroe is under 2 pounds and around a foot in length (without the optional base attached). True, that is a bit large when compared to “regular” vibrators, it is still easy enough to manage as a hand held toy. This is where Monroe begins to depart from the standard. Sure it vibrates, but it also thrusts. The two functions are independently controlled as well, so you can choose your own adventure. The three button spread isn’t precisely intuitive, but it is easy to learn. The center button is On/Off, the up arrow cycles through three speeds of thrust and the down arrow cycles the vibration (all of three speeds and seven patterns). The base is ABS plastic, the bellows in the middle (that accommodates the thrust) is made in TPE, and the main shaft is poured in silicone. This three part construction does leave seams, but they are carefully wedded, clean, and tight. All three materials are also body safe and easy to maintain, though you will want to give some extra attention to keeping the creases of the bellows clean.

Now, where does the sex machine claim come in? Included in the box is a suction cup rig that screws securely into the base of Monroe (this puts the overall length closer to fifteen inches). The suction cup is industrial strength, the kind with a flip lever to attach and release. I couldn’t get it to so much as slide once the suction was engaged. Once your base is firmly attached to the smooth surface of your choice, angle can be controlled, over 180 degrees, and locked into place with the twist of a wingnut handle on a sturdily built hinge. I cannot stress how exciting this is. The extra secure base and independent trust can transform a wall, tile floor, or coffee table into a fully functional sex machine. One that is under two pounds in weight and well under $200 to purchase. Taking this one step farther, it comes with a remote control. This allows you to adjust your function without having to disengage or otherwise pause your encounter. Or, I suppose, you could hand it to a friend to control. The opportunity is yours to create and take with you wherever you want it. Since the rechargeable motor offers up to three hours of play, you certainly have the time you’ll need.