Friday Focus: 12.20.19

Part of my job is to find the good in any toy. I know full well that a tool that isn’t for me still has a person that needs it and I do my best to look through a variety of eyes when I choose the items we carry. Some are unique, others are basic, but all have use and value. Once in a while, though, I come across something that is For Me. Something so perfectly my cup of tea that I have trouble believing it exists. Iris, newly released by Blush Novelties, is one of those toys. Honestly, I am grateful that it looks so simple because I worry that people would be overwhelmed and run if the appearance advertised how much of a festival it is under the silicone skin.

The dual stimulator aspect of Iris’ design is obvious at a glance. The shaft is slim with a conservative four inch insertable length (the better to fit most bodies). It is lightly textured and fully enrobed in lovely Blush silicone. For a bit of added convenience, the motor is rechargeable and the toy is fully submersible (IPX7). Overall, Iris is petite, pretty, and appears very straight forward. In this case, appearances can be benignly misleading.

Let’s start with the fact that Iris is self warming. A very simple and comforting feature. The next point of interest could be the fact that Iris has a rotating shaft. A rotating shaft, I will add, that passes my Fist Test*. Rotators are far fewer than they used to be, so this could be the end of the story and I would still be singing Iris’ praises. Why stop there, though? What if the rotating shaft could also thrust? Because it does that, too. While we are feeling decadent, let’s add one more layer to this delectable cake. The external vibrating arm has an air pressure function. Not suction, but flux of pressure very similar to Womanizer. In summary; Iris is warming, rotating, thrusting, vibrating, and air pressure, all on one pretty package.

That sound like a lot, and it is. You don’t have to use it all at once, but I strongly recommend that you try. Full disclosure the vibration is lackluster and the rotation is strong enough that it can make it challenging to keep the external arm where it needs to be. It is also not a quiet toy (well, it is very quiet for a rotator, but that’s a low bar). You know what? None of that detracts from it. Iris is a party in a can and I am deeply in love. I cannot, seriously cannot, stress hard enough how impressed I was with this machine. If you have a taste for the truly decadent, Iris might be your personal fantasy made mechanical.

*(The “Fist Test” is passed when I can grasp a rotating shaft with the full strength of one hand and the shaft will still move. A rotator doesn’t have to pass to be quality, but it always impresses me.)