Friday Focus: 01.03.20

If you have ever looked at the Jessi from Maia and thought, “This is great, but I wish it has a bit of something extra,” this write-up is for you. What happens, then, if you take the the power and utility of a Jessi bullet, then add a thick spiral for a taste of texture? The answer is Lola.

At four and a half inches, Lola is pocket sized and travel ready, even if it does have a tiny bit more girth than similarly sized bullets. Like Jessi, it is both rechargeable and submersible. No fusing with battery caps and it can follow you into the shower. Another benefit from the Jessi motor is the power to size ratio. It’s no Tango, but it does fall into the high-power rechargeable bullet class. What is more, it comes closer to the top of that category than the bottom. Considering the affordable price tag and one year warranty through Maia, that is pretty spectacular. It also shares the side-button configuration that made me love Jessi so much.

It splits away from Jessi in the form of spiraling rings that run the length of the bullet. This offers up a more secure grip for lubricant slicked fingers and texture for external play. (Never forget that texture doesn’t have to be inside to make a difference!) As pronounced as those rings are, for the size, there are no undercuts or tight spaces, so clean up remains a simple affair. As a finishing detail, the texture is part of the actual bullet, not a sleeve. Nothing to slip, tear, or dull down the vibration as it travels between the motor and your person. There is no flexibility, but that can be a good thing, depending on your preference.