Friday Focus: 01.10.20

Today, I want to share with you how excited I am about Be.One from Fun Factory. What is the big deal? I LOVE a build-your-own-adventure and I am crazy for gender neutral design. Be.One is both of those things.

Contrary to what the small size might suggest, Be.One is both rechargeable and has two motors nestled in its sleek silicone body.  Let me take a moment here; it is shorter than a human finger and they still fit in two motors. It is also fully submersible and assembled from 100% bio-compatible materials, as one would expect from a Fun Factory toy. The charge time isn’t the best, one hour charge for one hour of play, but it has a standby shelf life of up to six months. The two motors offer up four set speeds with varied amounts of vibration harmony in addition to the considerable base thump. Be.One also has a fifth “flirt” setting of random patterns for foreplay. As Fun Factory builds everything with forever in mind, it even comes with a hard case (complete with an opening to accommodate the charging cord) to keep it safe and clean when not in use.

    What makes it really interesting to me, however, is the shape.  The “handle” is lightly textured ABS, wed firmly onto a thin finger of firm silicone. That handle is a cunningly simple design.  You can hold it between your fingers (pointed up or down, situation depending), grip it like a pen (for pin-point control), or cup it in your palm.  I am sure there are other ways that will occur to other people, but those three were the most intuitive to me. (The way the handle is shaped reminds me a lot of the grip you can slide on pencils to teach children how to hold them “correctly”. Very easy in the hand.) Use directly on erogenous zones or transfer the vibrations through your actual fingers. The overall shape, a blunted silicone talon, resembles no body parts and is just unique enough to not be immediately associated with any specific use, so one is naturally encouraged to explore.