Friday Focus: 01.17.20

I like e-stim. This is not news. What you might not know is that we have two pieces that take e-stim to a place that even makes me walk softly. Please note, I said “walk softly,” not that they are too much. Certainly the capacity is there for some extreme play, but I would not kick them out of bed. Would I take some extra care setting up? Yes. Would I strongly recommend getting them into place before you slowly increase the intensity to taste? Yes. Would anyone be able to pry them away from me under any circumstance? Noooooo. With that established, let me tell you a a bit about the Habanero and Komodo of the Silicone Fusion collection from Elextrastim.

What do the Fusion styles have in common? There are no hard edges, metal contacts, or under-cuts, just silicone on silicone. Sure, that’s an attribute that most Elextrastim accessories can claim, but Fusion has some tweaks. The black conductive portions are clearly indicated against the red of the non conductive parts.  If you follow those black slashes, they run from tip all the way to the base. You have heard me say in the past to be careful on insertion and removal of e-stim as electric charge is markedly sharper on surface skin than it is inside cavities. That is doubly true were internal and external meet. With Fusion, that transition is very nearly unavoidable.  Perhaps you won’t be able to turn up the control unit as far as you might with another toy, but you can’t be surprised with a contact slipping out, either. They also come with “Stealth Entry” ports to plug in your cords. What that actually means is the ports are in a specially shaped silicone cubby that encloses where cord meets toy. Both shapes make use of that protection in different ways that are not available to your average e-stim accessory. So, how are they different from each other? 

Habanero is the image of a classic prostate simulator. It’s larger, overall, than the Sirius (also from Electrastim) though it shares the overall shape. It has both a positioning spine and a “rocking” base to allow you to press into position and rock until you get where you want to be. That rocking base is how Habanero makes use of the Stealth Entry. The cut-out keeps the cord from being pinched or pressed even in motion.

Komodo is just as good shared as it is alone. It comes in the from of a standard harness compatible dong. Again, the Stealth Entry comes into play, allowing it to fit flush in a harness or on a flat surface. It also comes with an extra sturdy, suction cup base. The base alone doesn’t suction, it slips into a specially designed holder that has two separate suction cups for added stability. Due to the inclination to thrust that is implied with this style of toy, Komodo is even more likely likely to rock against the threshold between internal and external.