Friday Motivational: 02.07.20

Today, I get to highlight the Surf City Centerfold and Santa Monica Starlet, both items from the California Dreaming line at Cal Exotic. In essence, they are budget friendly answer to “Pulse Plate” stimulation seen in Queen Bee and Zalo, Queen. Each style takes that “punching” motion and does something a little different with it.

What can both of them do? The pulse plate is the most obvious answer there. Both have a little plate that moves out and back under the silicone skin. The textured target above this “fist” is more than just an indicator of where it is, it acts like accordion folds to let the silicone move freely over the mechanism without risking a tear. Pretty much all the literature you will find on this design yells, “Grafenberg, Grafenberg!” That type of firm thumping pressure is exactly what the doctor ordered (pun intended) for G-spot stimulation.  However, do not underestimate clitoral contact using the same. Everyone’s mileage will vary, but it’s absolutely worth mention. [That is code for; it works great for me, but I can’t make you promises.]

As for controls, that’s a balance of pro and con.  The buttons are not marked, so there is a bit of a learning curve. Once you get the feel for it (top button is your lock, second is thump, third is vibration) it makes a lot of sense. The fact that you can control the vibe and plate separately is a huge bonus. I also love how easy the travel lock is.  No patterns to memorize, just press and hold the top button to go from lock to stand buy. Controls aside, they also share a rechargeable battery, waterproof body, and one year warranty through Cal Exotic.

Surf City is a stand alone g-spotter.  Between the solid head that houses the thump and the handle that holds the controls it has, arguably, the perfect amount of flex.  Just enough give to get into position without sacrificing control or application of pressure.  The only downside is that the vibration is very thin. With the pulse plate, though, vibration is well and truly secondary.

Santa Monica Starlet is very similar, but with an external vibrating arm.  The shape and position of that arm gives it quite a but more power from the vibrating motor.  It has no flex in the shaft, but the arm has a good range of motion to suit the needs of each user. It doesn’t have as much versatility as Surf City, but it’s very intuitive.