Friday Focus: 03.06.20

Today is about BMS, Sassy. A bit like Cheeky, but a new creature all of its own. Sassy is part of the Pillow Talk line as well, so they are similar in looks and quality. The primary distinction is that Sassy is designed for both external and internal applications.

Sassy has a long slim silhouette, swelling into a generous Grafenberg style bulb. The shape would be just as effective massaging a G-spot as hugging around the clitoral complex, so it truly is dual utility. Sassy’s handle also has the Pillow Talk quilted texture, assuring a good grip for slick fingers. The crystal topped control button is housed in the very end of the handle rather that the side. This is an ideal position for a thumb, if held facing the user, a fact that I am certain was not accidental. The handle and bulb end both have a relatively thinner silicon skin, over solid inner structure, adding to ease of grip and control. On the bulb end, this gives the balance of just enough silicone for a slick texture but not so much to muffle the motor. Between the two ends, there is just enough flex to offer forgiveness when fitting the device into whatever position you need.

Rechargeable and under warranty, the motor on Sassy is classically BMS. It rumbles to life with a subtle hum to the ear and a persistent hammer for the nerve endings. I am surprised and delighted by how well Sassy keeps the thrum in the bulb with minimal transfer to the handle. No matter how you want to use it, the power will deliver. To finish up, the specs. Sassy comes with a simple travel lock and one of my favorite styles of speed control. A press turns it off and on, but a press and hold lets you slide through analog speed control. You’ll get around an hour and a half of play off a full charge (dependent on your speed of choice).