Friday Focus: 03.13.20

Gio, from Blush Novelties, starts out with a very classic feel.  It has an analog speed dial at the base and runs off traditional batteries. Those two aspects are enough of a selling point for some, but there is more to be said here.

Blush silicone; to touch it is to love it. This is as true here as it is for any of their other products. Gio is the perfect product for an old-school feel with a step up in quality and a hint of revolution in its shape. The silhouette is a clever mix between standard missile and a G-spot tool. It’s non-phallic with a not-so-subtle kink in the shaft that allows redirection of pressure, internal or external, at the discretion of the user. Gio may not be the strongest toy on our walls, it does have a deep and penetrating quality to the vibration that doesn’t need to rely on speed.

Who might be looking for Gio?  Maybe you long for the classic C-Cell vibes of old? It has the ease of operation, rotary control dial, length, girth, and rumbling vibe that style of toy is associated with (though it actually takes AA cells). Maybe you are new to the Grafenberg hunt? The broad tip and thrumming vibe may be just what you need to become familiar with the search. Really, anyone looking for a silicone insertable at an entry price would do well with Gio. It’s easy to use, is well priced for the power, and and comes with a cozy five year warranty directly from Blush.