In compliance with Oregon Executive Order 20-12, all Portland FANTASY stores will temporarily close by the end of the day, March 23, 2020. Hollywood and Tigard locations will close at midnight. Our Downtown Portland store will close at 10PM, and the Beaverton and Clackamas stores will close at 8PM. Dedicated to serving our customers, especially during this difficult time, FANTASY is looking into the possibility of opening an online store. Please stay tuned!

To all our valued customers:

We at Fantasy have been closely following news of COVID-19, reading about how best to mitigate the risk of transmission and about the potential strain it will place on our health care system in the coming weeks. As a ‘brick and mortar’ retail business, we’re continually evaluating how to best protect our employees and customers, and how to be socially responsible, while we continue to provide an income to employees and products and services to customers. 

Following guidance from local and international health authorities, we’ve already instructed employees to stay home from work at the first signs of illness, to wash their hands regularly, and to keep stores clean and sanitized, for both their health and safety and that of our customers. We’re doing our utmost to make sure stores remain well supplied with hand sanitizer, and that staff are cleaning and sanitizing products and surfaces throughout the day.

In addition to steps we’ve already taken, we’ve learned how imperative it is for us all to work toward “flattening the curve” – reducing the risk of the pandemic overwhelming our health care system. Toward that effort, we are taking additional steps:

  • Social Distancing: We know how important it is to create a safe, inclusive, welcoming environment for all people to shop for intimate products. In this time of crisis, how we make our customers feel safe needs to change. Please don’t take it personally when we keep our distance and take a more “hands off” approach to suggesting and recommending products. We’re minimizing close contact to protect our customers, in addition to cleaning frequented areas (such as the counters). All company trainings, meetings, and travel plans have also been cancelled or postponed until further notice.
  • Pick-Up/To-Go Services: Fantasy does not sell product online, but we respect that customers may want to minimize their time in a public space. Although we need customers to come into a store to pay for product (we don’t accept payment over the phone), customers are always welcome to call ahead and have products set aside, so that they’re ready to pick up when they arrive.
  • Shared Spaces Are Temporarily Closed: Effective March 17th, the arcades and preview rooms at our Hollywood, Beaverton, and Tigard locations will be closed until further notice. (The Downtown and Clackamas stores do not have arcades.) The janitors who clean these spaces will instead help clean store surfaces, bathrooms, and break rooms more frequently.
  • Flexible and Protected Employee Leave: Fantasy already provides paid time off that employees can use liberally for a wide range of circumstances—including illness, mental health, or the care of loved ones. While unable to provide additional paid time off to employees, all employees are encouraged to take as much time off as needed, if affected by the COVID-19 (directly or indirectly). We’re reviewing all options to assist employees who may require financial assistance during this crisis.
  • Flexible Hours: At this time, our hours of operation have not changed. However, we will continue to review our sales and staffing situation throughout the coming weeks and make changes if and when needed, based on government recommendations, and while considering the health and economic well-being of our employees and the company. Any changes to our hours will be announced here and posted at store locations. Thank you for understanding any changes we need to make.

We know this is a stressful time for everyone, and that during times of crisis, many of us crave closeness with others. Remember that self-love and self-care are also important. We at Fantasy want to do all we can to encourage closeness, love, and self-care during this uncertain time, in a way that’s healthy and mindful of our neighbors and community. Thank you for continuing to support us and our loved ones. Thank you for understanding that we all need to make adjustments to get through this. Sometimes we need a little distance to get through a difficult time, but we must trust that we’ll find new ways to come together and support one another.

Take care of one another,

The Fantasy team