Friday Focus: 05.29.20

This is a week to keep things simple. Luckily, there is a simple thing that I want to talk about. Today is for Rock Candy’s Lala Pop.

Without a doubt, the moving parts are very basic. The motor runs on traditional AA batteries and offers three speeds and two patterns. It is worth note, however, that both of the patterns are actually functional, not just filler. (It is no secret that I dislike patterns, so that is high praise.) The power output is solid for the price, even if the bass is a bit thin. Control is a snap, however, with a single button at the base for on/off and function cycles. While perfectly functional as a vibrating toy, that is not actually what we brought it in for. This one is all about the shape.

When it comes to common anatomy, the absolute best answer to Grafenberg hunting is a sphere. When that sphere is on a long thin handle, you have the ideal composition. Not only is it effective, it is easy. The broad curve of a spherical shape will offer maximum surface area, no matter how your tool is oriented. Insert the ball end into place, remembering that the G-spot is shallow. Once you are comfortable with positioning, rotate the handle in a stirring motion. The result is an even and rhythmic pressure that is brilliantly effective for most, even with the vibration off. A second benefit to a spherical shape for internal adventures is the ability to provide a feeling of fullness out of proportion to actual mass. This means that there is little to in the way should you want to use an external vibe at the same time.

In summary, Lala Pop is a low frills toy that does one thing really well. The price is easy, the aesthetic is playful, and it is just as effective with or without the motor running. If you are looking for a Grafenberg adventure, or you simply want a toy that is in no way anatomically representational, the Lala Pop might be exactly what you need..