Friday Motivational: 06.19.20

The California Dreaming line from Cal Exotic, has grown. We’ve had a look at Surf City and Santa Monica Starlet, but this week is about Newport Beach Babe. Like the other two styles we carry from the line, Newport has a plate that moves out and back under the silicone skin instead of an emphasis on vibration. They also share a rechargeable battery, waterproof body, silicone skin, and warranty direct from Cal Exotic.

Unlike other shapes in the line, Newport has texture. The design in a lovely honeycomb of diamond shapes covering the entirety of the shaft. Uniquely, it is the outline that is raised and the shape a depression. As far as tactile stimulation, the effect is minimal, but it holds lubrication like a champion.

The most profound difference is that the punch plate is not targeted for the G-spot. When I covered the other shapes in this line, I mentioned that this style of mechanism can be excellent when used externally. Newport, you see, has the punch plate on the external arm. One thing to keep in mind about this device, it has no flex. It will not work for every person’s anatomy. If the configuration does work, however, you are in for the ride of your life. An unyielding shaft means that every movement will be translated directly to the user. Add that to the pulse plate and the texture and you may understand what I mean.