Friday Focus: 06.26.20

I want to take some time to talk about Together, the name of both the device and the company, a stellar combination of clever tech, careful planning, and simple application. It’s a a paradox that I captures the imagination.

The first layer of Together is the shape. There are only so many ways to create a double dong, but ground was broken here. Many would note the central external vibrating arms and grin with delight. It gives a visual reference for the center of the device, useful when sharing, and an extra hum at the same time. It also makes Together anal safe, should that factor into your desires. My eye, however, was caught by the end of each shaft.  Many misadventures with this type of device have made me critical of how one can can actually move with a partner without everything popping out of place. Normally I would steer clear of a double this short for that very reason, but Together comes with a solution built in. The curve of the bulb at either end is built for more than Grafenberg hunting, it is well placed to catch on a pubic bone, or sphincter, to keep from sliding free involuntarily.  Might it happen anyway? Yes, but it is a great easier to control and gives a distinct sensation when you near the point of departure. I also marvel at how well placed the inner shaft ribs are placed to offer up an extra tease with every forward thrust, but that’s just icing.

As for motors, Together has three of them, one at either end and at the central arms. There are three speeds to work with, along with the bonus function that will come up in a moment. On a full charge, yes it is rechargeable, it will run for about forty-five minutes with all power maxed and over an hour at lower settings. The whole length of the device is enrobed in silicone, allowing it to be submersible, offer 100% play area, and setting you up for easy spray-and-rinse cleaning. To make this aspect of the package just that much more appealing, Together comes with a three year manufacturer’s warranty.

Because I enjoy deferred gratification, I saved the Echo function for last. Echo is a direct feedback mode, separate from the speeds. Rather than vibrating at a set speed, side A and side B of the Together can control each other.  Clench down on A and B gets a wave of vibration to match.  Give B a rock and it is side A that reacts. While the advantages to partnered play are obvious, it works the same way solo. Whichever side you choose as the “handle” will vibrate the user end in time to the squeeze of a fist, instead of the press of a button. The applications for either scenario overwhelm my imagination.