1. Looking at a vibrator isn’t the same as holding one in your hand.

We all know images can be deceiving. Even more important when buying the right sex toy, you want to know how it feels — the texture, the firmness or ‘give’ of the material, and of course, how strongly and in what way it buzzes, thumps, or pulses. Online images can also mislead us about the SIZE of a product. With so many options available, you want to take home the right-sized toy that feels and functions in a way that’s intuitive to you and your body. At Fantasy, we’ll put dozens of toys in your hands until you find the one you know you want to take home.

2. No one wants to unknowingly buy an imitation or secondhand sex toy.

Yes, the horror stories are true. Though unlikely, it’s still possible for secondhand sex toys to be sold on sites like Amazon and eBay. It’s far more common for online retailers to sell stolen or imitation products, often of lesser quality. Many manufacturers try to prevent low quality “knock-offs” from being sold on Amazon, but it’s an ongoing struggle. Imitation products are also not covered by manufacturer warranties, which doubles the disappointment when you buy a cheaply made product that isn’t what you thought you were getting. If you want to know your Aneros, Magic Wand, or We-Vibe is an authentic product, Fantasy only sources brand name sex toys from authorized distributors or direct from manufacturers (and we can help with warranty issues in those rare instances that something goes wrong).

3. Every body is different. We’ll sell you what you want, not what advertisers tell you to buy.

Phone apps, social media, and web sites are continuously telling us what to buy — and sometimes they’re pretty good at it (in no small part because of data they collect when we browse online). But web data algorithms make gross generalizations by comparing us to thousands of other customers, and that data is used to sell products sellers want to sell, not necessarily the product that’s best for you. At Fantasy, we know everyone’s bodies, experiences, needs, and desires are different, so we stock a wide selection of what we believe are the best products available on the adult market. We ask questions and offer options to help you find what’s right for you.

4. Online retailers don’t know sex toys and lingerie like we do.

Not to belabor the point, but finding the right sex toy, sexy outfit — or a product that helps you express your true self — can be intimidating and overwhelming. Product images, descriptions, and even reviews only tell you so much. If you want to compare products, ask questions, and receive insightful recommendations, nothing compares to talking to someone who knows what they’re selling. Also, we don’t just sell products; we make sure our customers know how to work and wear them (sometimes in unconventional ways). Have you ever read the instructions on a box or leaflet insert, or worse, purchased a product that doesn’t include instructions — and felt completely lost? We’re here to help! Regardless of what you’re buying or when you bought it, we’re always here to provide advice, answer questions, and troubleshoot, because it’s our business to know adult products.

5. Amazon can’t lace a corset.

Obviously, there are benefits to clothes shopping in a brick-and-mortar store (with dressing rooms) rather than online. The same is true when shopping for adult apparel and accessories at Fantasy (yes, we have dressing rooms). But we don’t just sell clothes; we want to help you look your sexiest self! We know all bodies are different and not all garments fit the same. We’ll not only help you find what fits and flatters you best — we’ll help you into tricky garments like corsets, both before and after you purchase it. Yep, that’s right: If you bought a corset from us over a month ago but need help lacing it up before a night out, stop by your nearest Fantasy location, and we’ll make sure you look just as smashing as you did the first time you tried it on.

6. We offer a unique selection of products from local and international manufacturers — all in one place.

Have you ever browsed a seemingly endless selection and never found quite what you wanted? Our Fantasy buyers review hundreds of new garments, toys, and videos every year, to cherry pick the best adult products and latest fashions available for every budget. We search far and wide for toys and attire you won’t find at other adult stores, including high-tech toys from Europe, unique and affordable fashion accessories from Asia, and durable kink gear handcrafted right here in the Pacific Northwest. Our stores offer a unique shopping experience. New toys and video land in our stores every month, and our apparel buyer curates a stylish selection of lingerie, hosiery, and accessories for every season. We’re also always eager to hear from you, our customers, about what you want to buy from your local adult retail shop! If you can’t find what you’re looking for at one of our stores, please tell one of our sales associates or contact one of our buyers, and we’ll see what we can get for you!

7. Fantasy is more than just a retail store.

Like your favorite bookstore or coffee shop, Fantasy is more than just a place to shop. Our sales associates work at Fantasy because they know and love the products we sell, and because we want everyone to have happy and fulfilling sex lives. We’re not just sales people, we’re enthusiasts! We love to share our knowledge and make recommendations, not only for what to purchase, but how to initiate conversations with partners, how to explore desires safely and consensually, and how to love and care for oneself. We’re great listeners, and we know that being heard and accepted is far more important than simply buying a toy, video, or sexy underwear (although sexy underwear can and will change your life!)

Look, we all know having the internet at our fingertips offers countless benefits (including this opportunity, right now, for me to share these thoughts with you!) But shopping, just like exploring one’s fantasies, doesn’t need to be something we do alone and isolated, worried if we’re making the right choice. Instead, we welcome everyone to share and express their desires, in a safe and accepting environment, so we can help you find both the products and confidence to make your fantasies comes true!