Friday Focus: 07.03.20

This week we have a very simple overview. In a world full of grand strap-on harnesses, I want to take some time to give a closer look at New York Collective’s Explorer Harness. Many of the items you will read below you have heard from me before, but the value is no less real. When it comes to Explorer, the function may be classic, but the execution is where the treasure lay.

First, the base design of the Explorer is my absolute favorite for any kind of strap-on play. Old news, but it’s true now as the first time I brought it up. It leaves the groin open for the Driver, so they can enjoy other stimulation or accommodate an existing penis (with the harness riding above). It has three points of adjustment, allowing a wide range of bodies with minimal fuss. In fact, the easy slides let you adjust on the fly, so you can trade between partners should the mood strike or need arise. The thinner straps are less ideal for plushy figures, but still quite workable. One will also find a Driver’s side bullet vibe pouch, as is so often seen with this type of harness. If you want to ride light, the back-plate unsnaps and slides off. Due in large part to my personal enthusiasm, we have many iterations of this basic design at a wide variety of price points. Why, then, did we choose to bring Explorer on board?

The idea may be standard, but the execution is flawless. If you hold this rig in your hand, the quality of the materials and execution is immediately evident. Every aspect outlined above has been finished with more care than I have seen in any other piece we carry. The central pack plate is not only fully finished and hemmed, including even the strap slits, it has been reinforced with multiple layers of neoprene. The Driver’s side pouch on the inside is elastic, vastly expanding the size and shape of vibes it will hold. The straps themselves are not only sealed, they are rolled and stitched to guarantee they will not fray with use.

Just to go that much farther in the quest to create a perfect neoprene harness, it includes not only two sizes of cockring, but an EVA foam “stabilizer” for smaller and larger dongs. The extra width this ring adds to a base can extend the base of a dong that would be otherwise too small to hold secure. The same added width and thickness helps support the weight of a larger tools as well.  To use, simply lube up the hole in the center of the stabilizer and slide it down the dong of your choice.

 And there we are.  The Explorer Harness doesn’t break new ground, but it does follow through on a classic style with care and exacting attention to detail. This is the rig for a customer that knows what they enjoy and want an easy keeper harness that is going to stand the test of time.