Friday Focus: 07.10.20

 This week starts with a light refresher on the virtues of my personal favorite lubricant, Wicked Sensual Care. Speaking subjectively, I was seduced by the Aqua formula the first time I was sent a sample. The texture and weight could have been made for me specifically. More generally speaking, the entire line is guaranteed to be free of parabens, contains no animal products, and all testing is cruelty free. A great deal of care is put into the selection of ingredients as well, from using aloe as a thickening agent to the additive of olive leaf extract as a natural antimicrobial. As if that wasn’t enough, the line has a wide array of formulas and thickness to suit most any need. Thick, thin, water, silicone, heating, cooling, or flavored, Wicked has you covered. Very recently, however, they added a few new formulas to their carefully curated line up.  These come under the name Simply. Simply has all of the care and quality I expect from Wicked, with one tiny tweak.  The entire line is free both Propylene Glycol and any type of glycerin.

Propylene Glycol is in many, many, many things. You will find it on ingredient lists everywhere from cosmetics, to food, to machine coolants. If you are not sensitive to it, you will never even notice.  To those few who are sensitive, you will find it everywhere you turn. That alone is worth holding up Simply as a become of hope. The removal of any and all glycerin is an extra precaution. Those two precautions together make Simply an even safer bet than the already gentle Sensitive formulation. To top everything off, in true wicked form, Simply has a texture for every preference.

Simply Hybrid: This one is a thick creamy hybrid formula. It was originally developed for use in ejaculating toys, but was folded into the Simply line when the consistency was perfected containing neither glycerin or Propylene Glycol.

Simply Hybrid Jelle: This is an extra thick formula.  In fact, it is the densest formula in the whole Wicked family, not just the Simply line. If you want something with extra cushioning, this is your pick.

Simply Aqua Jelle: This one is very similar to the classic Jelle in feel and lasting power. It also has a hint of stevia to better accommodate oral play, though it is not flavored.

    Simply Aqua: This entry has something no other Wicked lubricant has.  Rather than washing away cleanly with water, any lost slickness reactivates with added moisture. Like the Jelle, this one has a hint of stevia.