Friday Focus: 07.17.20

Nearly every brand has their own version of an ultra powered compact vibe. In that respect, the Glam from Cal Exotic is not unexpected. It has all the specs one look for in an entry level luxury vibe. It is rechargeable (50 to 90 minutes of play per charge), fully waterproof, has an easy travel lock, and comes with a one year manufacturer warranty. One thing that unique is to Glam is the shape. Rather than a standard cylinder, Glam is beveled into a soft-cornered rectangle. This is a shape will not slip from your fingers, no matter how much lubricant is involved in your activities. That remains true, even with the glass-like slickness of the ABS shell. It’s larger than average size, three and a half inches in length, helps with keeping a grip as well. The vibration is surprisingly well targeted for a compact device. You will feel the vibe in your fingers, but significantly less that one would expect for the strength of it’s motor.

Now, about that power output…  That, you see, is where Glam shines brightest.  It is absurdly strong. It is impossibly, what-is-even-happening-right-now kinds of strong. Glam is not just fast, either. It thumps hard enough to send shivers up your arm when help in your hand. Truly, I don’t have words for the type of punch per size ratio that this thing packs. Even the very lowest setting is not for the uncertain or uninitiated. The higher speeds are for when you don’t want to take your jeans off first (no, I am not exaggerating.) There are some pulse settings as well, but everything Glam does is with a throaty pound of bass and sleek style. All this happens while the sound never lifts above a light hum.

The best way to summarize Glam is that it lives on top of my personal toy shelf. It is small, quiet, strong, and beautiful to look at. Without reservation, I would recommend Glam to anyone that doesn’t need a low or medium speed in a toy.