Friday Focus: 08.07.20

In the simplest terms, Essenza is a thrusting dual simulator. That alone is a potent combination. Considering that the body is silicone, the motor rechargeable, and the whole show includes a one year warranty from Femmefun, that value only increases. As another bonus, it has independent controls for thrust and vibration, allowing for more control over your adventures. The external vibrating arm has a good amount of flex and play as well, so it is easy to hold in position if Essenza is not a perfect fit for your anatomy. (Yes, the external arm does make it safe for anal play.)

Next, I would like to touch on a few things that could have been better. The shaft is a bit long if the aim was dual clitoral and Grafenberg stimulation. Essenza is water resistant, but not fully submersible. The quality of the vibration is somewhat thin. Last, at the wrong angle, the thrusting action can be stopped. That last is easy to avoid, but I did want to mention it. Why would I put a paragraph of drawbacks in the middle of a review? I wanted my nitpicking out of the way to focus on what this device gets done.

Most thrusting toys have an accordion-like bellows to allow for the forward and back motion of the piston mechanism. Essenza, however, has a series of ripples down the shaft allowing the natural flex of the silicone to expand and contract without additional folds. This is majesty. This design promises no pinching folds, no thin spots in the silicone skin, and is much easier to clean. If that wasn’t enough, the ripples move with each thrust, jumping in time with the mechanism in a way much more evocative to me than rotating beads have ever been. Honestly, of all the attributes that Essenza has going on, that rippling wave is my absolute favorite part. The thrust displacement is also quite deep and has commendable force behind each push. Even when the thrust speed is cranked all the way up, the strength and displacement do not diminish. While all of those traits are easily enough to put Essenza on my short list, it has one more trait that especially valuable. This beast holds a charge for a very long time. Charge it up and put it away. When you have a sudden need four weeks later, Essenza is still ready to go. To further chain this device to my bed forever, it is quiet. Not silent, perhaps, but it is absolutely roommate friendly.

And there you have it. Femmefun Essenza has officially been placed on my Personal Favorite shelf. All I need to do is hold on and let it do what it does. It is the ideal lazy evening toy.