Friday Focus: 08.14.20

In construction, Manta is archetypal Fun Factory. Like any product from that Brand, Manta is made from the best quality silicone, carefully crafted parts, assembled by skilled hands, and all done in-house. The button set up is the same three button affair made popular by the G series, allowing the user to easily traverse speeds and patterns. Manta is magnetically rechargeable, waterproof, and holds a five year warranty. As per the norm, Fun Factory is not kidding around.

What is different about Manta is that, unlike the rest of the Fun Factory family, it is not very pretty. What it lacks in looks, however, it makes up for in function. Manta is marketed as a multi tool for penises, and they left very little to chance. The curved “wings” that give Manta its name, are built to wrap around shaft, testes, or glans, depending on the whim of the user. The ribbed ridges on the inside of those wings are built to add texture and hold lubricant, letting you play longer before having to reapply. That said, lasting long may be a challenge as Manta has an iconic rumbling Fun Factory motor and the silicone wings both magnify that thunder and allow you to wrap it around yourself.

Maybe you want to play with a partner? Manta, when wrapped around a shaft, will cause the entire penis to vibrate. Similarly, if cupped under a chin, oral sex with have a whole new rumble. Perhaps, like myself, you are uninterested in using a toy as advertised? Marketed to penises or not, Manta is every bit as powerful when used on a vulva. Fun Factory said it themselves, when they made the slogan claiming Manta is, “designed for everyone’s pleasure.”