Friday Focus: 08.21.20

I was at the register helping a fellow ring through his selections for the day. I don’t remember what he had been shopping for, but I absolutely remember our exchange. Upon noticing the basket of Tenga Eggs displayed there, he reached in to pick one up, a look of incredulity in his eyes. “I would never fit in this,” he sneered dropping the sealed egg back in the basket. “No?” I asked, picking up the unsealed example egg we kept to demo the inner texture. I then proceeded to shove my entire fist into the egg and stretched it down my arm, halfway to the elbow. I have never seen a look of scorn melt into awe so fast in my life. And yes, he did turn right around and buy one.

So, the premise of the Tenga Egg is simple, it is a quick and easy masturbation sleeve. Each egg is sealed and sterile, a single serving of lubricant tucked into the opening of the compact sleeve found within the plastic shell. It is the size of an average chicken egg, making it easy to cart around, but it is made of the most astounding elastomer known to man (an exaggeration, sure, but I will not take it back). The story about my hand and forearm was very literal. Though it is designed as a single use, I know many people that swear you can keep them for months if you give them basic care. The best aspect of the Eggs, though, is the textures. The pattern on the shell’s seal is the texture built into the sleeve’s interior. They range the gambit from a subtle assist to Party Time, so you get to choose level of help you are looking for.

You know how much I love functional simplicity, but there is more to this magical Egg of holding. If you decided to flip your Egg texture out, and slip in two fingers or a vibrator…surprise!…you have a sleeve that will give just as good to a vulva as it was designed to give a penis. Perhaps, you are a fan of the Vibratex magic Wand? Pop it over the head of a massage wand to give it thick plushy feel in addition to added texture. It doesn’t end there, either. I have heard them recommended for fisting (vaginal only!), girth gainers (he did not say how he kept it in place), snip off the tip to make a fist sized oral sex aid, pop a vibrating bullet inside and stretch it over the testies… and these are just off the top of my head. A small vibe, two Tenga eggs, and a bottle of lube is all you need to build the best stay-in date night you have ever had.