Friday Focus: 09.04.20

I ask you to consider the HOP line from Blush. Specifically, I am looking at Trix. It is true that we have fancier dual stims, but Trix has a balance of economy and function that deserves some special attention. The design is sleek, well planned, and balanced between travel and full size. It is versatility on the go with a minimum of fuss.

My affection for Trix starts with the form. Well, it actually starts with my love for Blush’s silicone mix, that aside, Trix has the obvious outline of a vaginal dual stimulator. The distinction is in the extra long and flexible external arm, paired with an internal shaft that is nearly, but not quite, solid. I draw attention to the long external arm first, because that is what allows a better fit with a wider range of bodies (while making is perfectly anal safe as well). The longer the arm, the more room for thrusting before that arm looses body conract, while the flexibility makes it easy to press into place with a thumb. The overall slimness of the device also allows for a greater fit of many different bodies. (Seriously, imagine that slender shaft for anal stimulation, while the external arm hums away against testicles or a vulva.) It is also rechargeable, waterproof, and falls under a one year warranty direct from Blush.

So, the build is great, but what does it do? The controls are super simple, one button to scroll up in function with a second to step back. If you miss your favorite setting, you can back up with one button! It has three solid speeds on tap and four patterns. (You might recall that I dislike patterns, as a rule. I actually like three out of the four.) The two motors, one in the external arm and a second in the shaft, are tied to the same commands. While I regret the lack of independent control, the simplicity of navigation earns my forgiveness. Seriously, you can drive Trix blindfolded, intoxicated, or if you are a bit nervous of toys and are using it on someone else. That is how user friendly it is. The motor has a lovely thump as well. It isn’t a massage wand or a Glam bullet in sheer power, but the quality of the vibration is surprisingly rich.

In summary; Trix does few tricks, but it is easy to use and well designed. Most important, those things it does do, it does really well. At the price, with that warranty, it’s an easy recommendation to make.