Friday Focus: 09.11.20

Quick recap on Stronic toys, in general! They do not vibrate, they pulsate. This is not hyperbole, that is literally what they are designed to do. They boast weights and magnets to thump back and forth in a delicious shaking motion. While it is true that Stronic was patented with thrusting in mind, I cannot stress enough how much fun that motion is for external stimulus. The motor is nearly silent and what little sound there is doesn’t carry. Best of all, they thrust away happily under the two year Fun Factory warranty.

Now that we remember what makes Stronic spectacular in general, why have I singled out Surf? First off… Look. At. It. One wouldn’t even need sight to appreciate the unique beauty and complex sculpting that is Surf. Contrasting textures wrap this device in a cloak of magic. The dorsal and ventral surfaces have a cascade of rippling wave crests, while the side each offer a sinuous raised ridge winding from tip to base. The “head” has the barest hint of a tilt (all the better to anchor itself in place). Now, keeping in mind how Stronic motors work, that armada of texture is literally going to thrust itself. That is action that you will feel. In contrast to the aggressive texture, Surf is visibly shorter than the rest of the Stronic family, even the petite Stronic G. The deep texture does add quite a bit of girth, however, so that is worth keeping in mind when choosing the best Stronic for you. The shorter length doesn’t make Surf any more gentle, but it is a bit less to worry about in terms of space, be that in a drawer, bag, or body. This makes it a bit easier to pack around with you than the Stronic Drei (nearly, though not quite as aggressively textured).

In the spirit of full disclosure, it is possible that Surf could be too much of a party for the texture averse. If, however, you already know that you like your ride a little rough, Surf might well be your next best friend.