Friday Focus: 09.25.20

Versatility and functionality are the defining features of the treasure I want to share with you this week. That said, now I get to chat about the Edge spreader bar from Sportsheets. The function of a spreader bar is fairly straight forward; one part bondage to one part position assist. As I am sure you are aware, however, it is often the simplest of tools that offer the most varied use. Edge also has the small bonus of a third contacts point in the center of the bar, in addition to the standard one per end that any spreader bar would boast. Whether you are looking to attach cuffs, need an anchor for shibari, or you just want a handle to get someone’s ankles up over your shoulders, you have your answer here. However you want to assemble yourself or your parner, Edge can see it done. Just for more fun, Edge is anodized aluminum (with nickle free fittings, I will add) so it is super light weight. You will not be doing suspension with it, but it’s brilliant for most anything else.

Now, why am I excited about Edge in specific? Simply put, it is a traveler’s best friend. Perhaps it is because I know so many people that are into play parties, but this is what drew me to Edge from the beginning. This bar breaks down into three segments, each one under 15″ long. Remember the super light weight part? You can toss an Edge bar (or two) into any play bag and it will take up no space and add nothing to weight. It is simplicity itself to assemble, just super basic popping buttons and holes to accommodate, so putting it together in the field is no issue. No small parts, no allen wrenches, no wingnuts, it is easier to set up than a camera tripod. When assembled, Edge can be adjusted from 28.5 to 37 inches, not the widest bar I have seen, but it is up there. If you want a simple bar for play at home, or you like to party on the go, Edge can see your needs met.