Remember hearing about woman-engineered sex toy, the Osé, that won a robotics innovation award at the Consumer Electronics Show in October 2018? The Consumer Technology Association (CTA), which runs CES, rescinded the award three months later due to the nature of the product—sparking international controversy—then reinstated the award after realizing their error. The Willamette Week published an in-depth article about the company and it’s founder, Lora, in summer of 2019.

Designed by the Lora DiCarlo team in Bend, Oregon, the Osé and two other products were scheduled for retail launch in early 2020 but delayed due to the COVID shutdown. After a long, highly anticipated wait, Lora DiCarlo is now officially available at retail stores this September!

In addition to the beautifully updated Osé 2, Portland Fantasy stores also carry the Onda, similar to the robotic arm of the Osé but without the air pressure stimulation; and the Filare, an innovative oral sex simulator that was topic of a recent Friday Focus, “Fun with Filare”. We plan to add Carezza to the mix in the near future and are excited to see what Lora DiCarlo designs in years to come!