Friday Focus: 10.30.20

Here is a secret, I ordered extra ON Arousal oil and increased allocation to all of our stores. Why did I do this? Because it the Holidays are just around the corner and ON is just as amazing now as when it was the big new thing. In the last few years the market has slowly filled with “similar” topical stimulants and ON has gotten a bit lost on the shelf. This fact feels almost like a personal affront, as ON wins my vote every single time.

In the beginning, when ON Arousal Oil was new and promotional materials were everywhere, the literature made large claims about the “buzzing” or “thrumming” sensation ON caused. The pamphlets went so far as to say the sensation was similar to a physical vibration from an outside source. This is not an exaggeration! ON really does feel like a physical touch, at least that has always been my experience. Not only does it create a delicious sensation of its own, it also increased blood flow to any area to which it is applied. This goes on to cause heightened sensitivity in general. Before or since, I have found no other sensation quite like it. More than just being extremely intense, and deliciously unique, it is also long lasting, up to forty-five minutes for a single application. When you are ready, you can reapply and it all starts over, without causing de-sensitivity.

One thing that I want to stress, is gendered usage. Yes ON is marketed as a clitoral stimulant. Yes, it is every bit as happy to play nice on a penis (target the glans or frenulum for best results). With that firmly established, ON is amazing fun for most any situation. It is an especially marvelous tool for those having sensitivity issues, physical or physiological, with a wide array of causes. Had too much to drink? Is your brain too loud to let you focus on getting started? Are you taking medications that reduce your nerve response? There is a good chance that ON is a tool that can help you. All three of those examples are my personal experience, not the limits of ON’s potential use. ON is even safe to ingest, making it a lovely tool for oral play (though, I admit, the flavor is strong). In fact, the only real down side to ON is that some people find it too intense of a sensation. Mixing a bit of ON into water based lubricant to dull the buzz a bit is an easy fix for that, though. There is also the potent “earthy” or “clove-like” taste and scent and that takes some getting used to, unless you just end up liking it. Alone, paired, oral, manual, however you want to get going, ON can almost certainly super charge your ride. (My personal favorite is the apply-ON-then-play-video-games-trying-to-ignore-it game. That never gets old.) On is, absolutely, the “Big Guns” of the topical stimulant world.