Friday Focus: 11.13.20

Kira, from Blush Novelties, looks like a fairly basic high end dual stimulator. All the parts are there, lightly curved shaft, well positioned external vibrating arm, even a magnetic charging contact. The controls are simple enough, though the fact that shaft and external arm are independently controlled does offer more customization right out of the gate. As separate controls would suggest, both parts have their own motor. The whole of the body is also done in my dearly loved Blush silicone, complete with velvet finish. As part of the Lush line, it also has a one year warranty direct from Blush. The only down side to the overall construction is that it is splash-proof, but not fully submersible.

While those are all fine traits, that is not all Kira has on offer. The third button on the control array, for example, turns on a self heating function. The next trick is the impressive and inexorable motor that causes the shaft to rotate and thrust. I say “inexorable” because Kira passes my fist test*. Press the middle button to bring the external arm to life and the last secret will be unveiled. That external arm, while speeds are limited, is alarmingly strong. The shape takes that one step father, giving options for both a deep base rumble from contact with the body of the arm, or a frenetic thump from the protrusions at the tip.

In a world so full of rabbit style vibes, it is obvious why this one was a must-have.

*I can make a full fist around the shaft and it continues to move.