Friday Focus: 11.20.20

I love rechargeable toys. I have been excited about them since they first broke onto the scene and I celebrate that they are growing so commonplace. Even so, sometimes you don’t have time to charge or a cord gets misplaced. What then? For that reason alone, I will never turn my back on battery powered devices. Things have come a long way for toys in general, too, so using rechargeable batteries is a completely viable option. With this in mind, I am going to hold up one of my favorites that doesn’t charge off a cord. Today, I would like to consider the Femmefunn, FFIX wand.

Wand style toys are a personal favorite. They offer true versatility in function; good for any body of any shape and as useful in calming aching muscles as firing up nerve endings. They can also hide in plain sight, as they truly are valuable for aches and pains, so why not have one in the bedside drawer? Easy to hold and easy to direct, wands are a good call all the way around. Nothing looks like a body part, and the noncommittal shape encourages people to experiment rather than following “instructions.” So, what is special about the FFIX in specific?

FFIX is sized for travel, but the size and weight of the handle gives a grip as firm as any full sized toy. The materials are also lovely. It’s all silicone ABS, complete with a velvet finish for a more secure hold in the hand and a better tooth for lubricants. The neck has just enough flex to reach into hard to reach areas (including under the brow and against the temple, for more determined headaches). It is also waterproof, with all the convenience and opportunity that suggests.

If you are one to notice patterns, you may realize that the fact I left power for last suggests something. FFIX holds four AAA batteries, and it puts out every ounce of thunder that implies. Not only does it pack punch, the patterns it has after the three solid speed options are actually good. As in, main event good, not just for foreplay. That alone is worth consideration, even if it were not absurdly powerful. It is also very quiet, so one can enjoy that deep base with no distraction.

(Best of all? My shameless-gamer-self never gets tired of making jokes about how FFIX is my least favorite in the franchise, but is still a damn good toy!)