Friday Focus: 12.11.20

A several months back, I got a tease from my contact at Fun Factory that something new was on the way. When Fun Factory does a thing, they tend to do it right, so I tamped down my anticipation and waited. That wait has now ended and I want to introduce you to Fun Factory’s, Sundaze.

Our first highlight is overall Fun Factory quality. Waterproof body, rechargeable motor, magnetic charge port, travel lock, and manufacturer warranty are all standard features for Fun Factory and Sundaze comes with all of them. The construction is also typical of our favorite German atelier. The Silicone is exemplary, with just enough tooth to hold lubricant and give a velvety glide. The ABS end cap is both sturdy and shaped to hold securely in a lubed up hand. Fun, positive, and negative buttons make ON/OFF and scrolling through any of the 15 included settings simplicity itself. What, then, makes Sundaze different? That would be the part where it is a hybrid of vibrator and pulsator. I hear you, Stronic Bi Fusion has pulse and vibration. Yes and no. Fusion has a pulsation motor with a vibrating arm, Sundaze does both as a single seamless unit.

So, you have this cute little toy, all graceful curves, tempting ridges, with a broad beveled end. Truly, I voted YES on the shape alone, before I learned about the mechanics. Between the size and the shape, it lends itself to both internal or external play with equal efficacy (though it is not anal safe). For example, I see the flat plain at the head being every bit as kind to a G-spot as it is to a frenulum. When we turn it on, it shimmies just like a Stonic until you start to cycle the settings. You have flat vibration, plain pulse, and several astounding blends of both within a few button clicks. Also, just like a Stronic, operation is silent, even the vibration modes. Sure, the vibration doesn’t have G5 power, but with all the tricks available that is not a deal breaker.

In short, Fun Factory mixed some of the best aspects of their mini vibes with a compact Stronic, then gave it a shape to entice and soothe almost any bodily anatomy. With gift giving around the corner, Sundaze is an important name to remember. Are you are hunting for something different to spice up a large collection? Maybe you need something quiet extra wanted and not so large? Perhaps you have an eye for versatility between internal and external use? The answer to any of those needs could easily be “Sundaze.”