Friday Focus: 12.18.20

Lora Dicarlo continues to innovate! As you might remember from my overview of Filare, Lora Dicarlo is made up of mad-scientist style engineers that are determined to create better bedroom tools. There is no question that these women know what they are doing in general, but today I am talking about my personal favorite of their line up. This Friday is dedicated, with love, to Carezza.

It has the extras one would expect of any high end vibe, and a little more. Carezza is enrobed in a silicone skin, contains a rechargeable motor, offers a one year warranty, has waterproof housing, and multiple operation settings. Even the packaging is super sturdy, doubling beautifully as a storage case, complete with a magnetized closure that wraps around to keep it securely shut. (Fun Fact; I have had multiple incidents where cats knocked my toy boxes all over the floor and none of the LDC boxes ever popped open.) The shelf life of the charge is impressive as well, so it will almost certainly be ready when you are. Furthermore, the shape of Carezza was brilliantly mapped. It fits in a palm with ease, the slope of the contact end nestling against the mons very naturally, the moving parts ending up where they should as if by accident. The slight curve of the beveled end also holds labia gently aside to better apply Carezza as the holder sees fit. I also found the controls to be very intuitive, ON/OFF, and a back and forth scroll for intensity.

Now, Carezza is not a vibrator. It operates with a “punch plate”, a percussive tap rather than a spinning weight. This has been popular the last couple years and we now have several offerings with this mechanism. What none of the other have, however, is the brutal and inexorable power of an industrial sewing machine. It is kind of loud, the color is a bit bland, and I love it. With all my heart, I love it. Every setting has value, there is no dead air, no weird tricks, no fluff. Carezza is self actualization made physical, complete with a happy mechanical whine, right in the palm of your hand. It is not a secret that I am a Power Queen(tm), and in Carezza I have blissfully met my match. What about people that enjoy percussive stimulation, but don’t like it rough? There is a wide range between the setting one and the thunderstorm at the end, so most anyone can find a setting to enjoy. The extra tender might even use jeans or a towel to act as a buffer. Carezza isn’t just about power, but delivery. The measured tapping it provides reaches deep under the surface of the skin, not just the clitoral glans.

Are there things I would tweak if the Lora Dicarlo fairy said she would custom-make a Carezza just for me? Sure, I can think of a thing or two I would nudge. Do I need anything to change to make this the most alarmingly perfect toy for my taste and anatomy that has ever existed in the history of humanity? No.