Friday Focus: 01.01.21

Things are still crazy in in the world, so I have another quick and easy overview for you. Today, is a quick tour of the Aria line from Blush Novelties. Any item in this line would be great as a belated gift or a little something fun to welcome a new year. If you’re looking for fun and simple with a wide audience appeal, Aria is your answer.

Materials: Blush silicone is always a bonus. Not only is is satiny and lovely, it is bio-compatible (no allergies), easy to care for, has just enough “tooth” to hold on to lubricant and make it last, and very durable. Silicone, as is widely known, is not a hospitable surface for bacteria as it is nonporous and is resistant to micro-tears. A light spritz of toy cleaner and a simple rise are enough to keep it clean and maintained.

Construction: Area all have a waterproof body with super basic single button controls. No one will be intimidated by the selection array (5 patterns and 5 speeds) and the actual operation is very intuitive. They are also physically small, so they are not visually intimidating, either. All good ideas if you are getting a gift for a newer partner, or if you are just starting to explore toys and preferences.

Visual Appeal: Jumping straight from construction to aesthetics, many of the same apply. What is more, the line has a wide array of colors and styles. This allows for a but more tailoring for a gift giver, while all styles have the same basic bonuses.

Function: The motors are amazing for the price. Many similar items only offer 3 speeds and patterns, but the five of Aria give the end user more to work with. The quality of the vibe also has a very strong bass note, easily among the best at this size and price range.