Friday Focus: 01.08.21

I have another simple and solid classic this week. We live in a world where there are precious few quality double ended dildos, fewer still in silicone. If you are are hunting with a budget, the search is harder still. This week is for the Ruse Double line from Blush. Most of the highlights here are self evident, but they still deserve the overview. They don’t vibrate or have any mechanical tricks. No motors to power or moving parts to break, just solid silicone. While mechanics can add quite a bit to play, there is much to be said for simplicity in function as well. This is especially true when the design is carefully planned and well executed as is the case here.

The general shape is a cleverly stylized realism. The overall shape is phallic, but all aspects have been smoothed and simplified. The vivid black and jewel tones the line uses do much to add to that theme of real-but-not. As a person that is a bit turned off by the “severed body part” look, this is enough distance that I am perfectly comfortable with it. Beyond myself, that consideration gives the line much wider appeal than a more realistic shape would have more. When one is buying a tool to share with a friend, the wider a comfort zone they offer the better. They are also molded into a distinct U curve. It can can easily be straightened out, depending on the usage intended, but the curved default is a huge bonus in most positions that involve a partner. Straight items have, in my experience, and unfortunate tendency to pop out of place so they can straighten back out. What is more, that same shape makes double penetration solo play easier to manage.

As of the time I write this, there are two sizes in the Ruse Double line-up, the regular (Length: 18 inches Width: 1.5 inches) and the slim (Length: 18 inches Width: 1.5 inches). Not only do you have a solidly built, nicely textured, and well designed double ended tool here, you get to choose your girth as well. Alone of with a friend, Ruse Double might have just what you’re looking for.