Friday Focus: 01.22.21

The new Uncorked line from our friends at Cal Exotic, has a great deal to recommend it. On the surface, the theme of the line is adorable. Perhaps a bit too adorable to be taken seriously by some. I do urge you to offer due consideration and not let the cute drive you away out of hand. The items themselves are elegant and the whole package does have a charming presentation. While an aesthetic is more valuable in toys than many realize, it isn’t enough to stand without substance. Luckily, Uncorked has even more the hood.

The entire line has all the assets to make them a solid entry into the land of high tier toys. Every shape in the line comes with a one year warranty direct from Cal, to set the stage for quality. Each one is is made of satiny silicone with nickle free accents, so allergens and maintenance are not a worry. The motors are rechargeable with lengthy run times, especially when compared to the power provided. Each shape is fully waterproof for easy cleaning or hot tub adventures. Most interesting to me personally, each one has ten speeds. No fussy patterns, just speeds, with super intuitive controls. You can cycle both up and down in the speed assortment! No need to scroll all the way through again if you overshoot your stop. And what speeds they have! The spread between high and low is quite wide, each one with a nice bass note.

Merlot and Rose are the minis. Either one would slip into a pocket with ease. Rose is your standard power bullet while Merlot has a hint of a curve to the lightly textured tip.

Pinot is your traditional full size vibe. Like Merlot, it has a hint of a curve with subtle rings of texture. Combining both the power output and texturing, this style would be an easy switch between internal and external use.

Cabernet looks like your basic dual stim. I will note that the internal and external arms are not independently controlled, but that is my only lament. Something about the shape of Cabernet pools in all the power of the significant motors and amplifies it through some trick of resonance. The internal arm is spot on for your average Grafenberg spot and the clitoral arm is beautifully flexible. I will warn, however, that the aforementioned resonance of vibration makes the external arm a little brutal. Those that like a delicate touch might search elsewhere, but those that like their clitoral stimulation a bit mean will have found a new friend.